Fierljep clinics

Fierljeppen is a great way to spend a fun day out with a group of colleagues, friends or fellow sports enthusiasts. You can also do it as part of a family day out. Why not try your hand at fierljeppen at one of these six clubs?  They all have practice ramps. Experienced fierljeppers will guide you through the basic techniques of the sport step by step. 

On the club websites, you can find out more about this spectacular sport and book a fierljep coaching clinic.


Ljeppersklub Buitenpost

Jeltingalaan 80
9285 WL Buitenpost

Ette-Frits Veenstra 
+31 6 12343366

Ljeppersklup Burgum

The club facilities are on Burgumerdaam behind the town hall.

Hans Helmholt
+31 6 51 78 52 74

Fierljepvereniging Grijpskerk e.o.

9843 BR Grijpskerk

Kris van der Bijl
+31 6 13 17 84 28

Drylts e.o.

Sudergoweg 1C
8651 NE IJlst

Klaske Nauta

It Heidenskip

Brânburren 26
8724 LH It Heidenskip

Anne van der Zee
+31 6 12 36 63 56

Winsum e.o.

Skâns 12A
8831 XS Winsum

Anna Martha van der Mei
+31 6 29 08 07 71