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Fierljeppen is a great way to spend a fun day out with a group of colleagues, friends or fellow sports enthusiasts. You can also do it as part of a family day out. Why not try your hand at fierljeppen at one of these six clubs?  They all have practice ramps. Experienced fierljeppers will guide you through the basic techniques of the sport step by step. 

On the club websites, you can find out more about this spectacular sport and book a fierljep coaching clinic.

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Polsstokbond Holland

Polsstokbond Holland (PBH) is the umbrella association for fierljeppen in Utrecht and the surrounding area. There are six clubs in this region. As umbrella associations, PBH and FLB each organise a competition for their affiliated clubs. The two associations also compete in three annual events: the Tweekamp event, the Dutch Fierljep Event (Nederlandse Fierljep Manifestatie) in the village of It Heidenskip and the Dutch Fierljeppen Championship (Nederlands Kampioenschap).

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Dutch Fierljep Association (Nederlandse Fierljepbond)

The Dutch Fierljep Association (NFB) was set up to preserve, promote and advance the sport of fierljeppen in the Netherlands.

Its two affiliated associations, Frysk Ljeppers Boun (FLB) and Polsstokbond Holland (PBH), Together the two associations represent a group of approximately 600 active fierljeppers in the Netherlands.

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Sportstad Heerenveen

This outdoor sports centre has a C-ramp named after fierljepper Niels Koetsier. It also has two youth ramps. This makes it an ideal facility for youth training and competitions, giving young athletes the opportunity to develop and showcase their talent. It is also a great place to host events that invite people of all ages to discover this challenging sport.

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De Fierljeppolder

Are you brave enough to try? At De Fierljeppolder you can visit the Fierljep Museum, do a workshop and try your hand at fierljeppen.

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